Why choose GlobeLink for you business?

Whether you are shipping a small envelop, excess luggage, a container or relocating overseas, GlobeLink Worldwide offers unparalleled client premium logistical services at very competitive rates. Through our network of world class carriers in the middle east, india and Asia, we take pride in offering our customers first class service, reliability at unbeatable savings on international shipping and courier services!

North America & Middle East Trade

Canada’s 1.6 trillion dollar economy generates exports totalling some 560 billion dollars, annually. The chief components of this outflow include petroleum products, metals and minerals, aircraft, autos, motor vehicles and vehicles parts, along with agri-food, industrial machinery, construction, transportation and telecommunications equipment and services, fertilizers, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and engineering and numerous other services.

Professional Freight Management Services

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GlobeLink Worldwide offers a diverse range of shipping services to meet all of your freight transportation requirements. From Ground and Air to Ocean and Courier services to Boutique Shipping we have the right solution for you!

Shipment Rates

pdf_iconPlease click HERE to download courier rates in PDF format!

Get shipments from Pakistan – online

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Now you can bring clothing & gift shipments to your doorstep in Europe, USA and Canada from Pakistan. We will pickup from your doorstep in Pakistan (all major cities) and deliver to your doorstep anywhere in Europe & North America.
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